[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

LA 28th Jan (cybercast)

And as the final notes of Highway Star fade from the speakers...

Hearing Deep Purple live at 6 am in the morning...if this is what the Net's about I'm all for it ;-)

I won't comment on the quality of video, as I didn't see any, but the audio was great less than a second lost. (Mono video or Stereo audio...I knew what to go for!).

Set list hasn't changed since Chicago, except that they've dropped Steve's solo all togther.

Steve was having fun during Smoke...Over the Rainbow and Duelling Banjos used in the intro - could he be telling us something ;-)

Overall, the band were in great shape. Nice work by Paicey and Lord. Gillan hitting the top notes on Bloodsucker. Rog was a little down in the mix, though that could have been due to my computer. Steve played brilliantly and gave us yet another beautiful version of WABMC.

There was also quite a party going on in the IRC room....

Doug MacBeath

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