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I attended DP on 12/05/97 here in Atlanta, GA. Here is what I thought:

1. The opening act - Chaotic Something???? - had no talent so they turned the sound up to 11 to cover that up. They were horrid!

2. Deep Purple came on - they had a bottle of liquor stashed behind the speakers at the back of the stage. Ian Gillian kept going back stage & taking a few pulls.

3. While most bands keep a list of songs on stage because they juggle the order of the songs - Deep Purple also had a book on stage that Ian kept referring to when he forgot the words. This would not have been so bad if he hadn't had it down on the floor & he kept trying to turn the pages with his foot.

4. Sometimes, Ian would completely forget the words to a song & would be too far from the book so he would just scream.

5. About 3/4 of the way through the concert(after many trips backstage), Ian tripped while walking around the stage. Now this would not have been too bad except for he tripped over a speaker about the SIZE OF A TOYOTA!

Nelson Easler

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