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I'm in the seventh heaven ! - A Pompano Beach Review

I and my wife arrived at Pompano Beach at 4:30 p.m. Nobody at the theater. So we went to walk on the beach and saw a Fishermen Bar in what there was a band playing "Sunshine of your love". When I was approaching there I thought it was a tape, they played like Cream. Decent version ! Then they played "Sweet Home Alabama" from Lynyrd Skynyrd. I like these bands. So we waited the time pass by to go back to the theater. It was so cold. Strange when you talk about Florida and the beaches.
We ate some snack and went back to the theater at 6 p.m. for my surprise they would only open the entrance at 7:00 p.m. We waited in the car listening to Gillan and Purple tapes. Before we entered the theater. An opened theater. There was no merchandise of the band. What a pity!
There were some tents selling Jack Daniels, Coffee and Cappucino (I entered here as almost everybody!), etc. A guy bought a banana to eat from a Fruit Juicy tent!
At 7:30 pm we seated in the 18 raw. Front of the stage not far from it. There was an opening act. Chaotic past is the name of the band.
Well, what can I tell about them. HORRIBLE!
Those kids came from New York to play like thousands of bands that try to emitate Metallica and Megadeth and others.
The bass player weared pijamas. SO ridiculous!
The problem is that they let them play for 50 minutes or so.
We went to restroom in this meantime and at 9:00 pm the Deep Purple show began for happiness of everybody. I would say it was packed the house. Of course, at this point everybody could not be seated. there was a lot of people near the stage trying to see them closer.
I stayed in the place I was. Good view.
The set was basically the same of the Purpendicular tour with some interesting inclusions:

1. Hush 2. Fireball 3. Ted the Mechanic. Gillan opened it telling the story of a guy called Eduardo, I suppose and explaining the story of the mechanic ! 4. Into the fire !!!!!!!!!! - Decent version. 5. Bloodsucker !!!!!!!!!!!! - yeah, they played it !!!!!!!!!! 6. Black Night 7. Pictures of Home 8. No one came 9. Sometimes I feel like screaming 10. SEVENTH HEAVEN 11. Woman from Tokyo 12. Smoke on the water 13. When a blind man cries 14. Speed King Encore: 15. Perfect Strangers 16. Highway Star

I hope I did not forget any song.
The best performances tonight were Ian Paice and Ian Gillan's . At first I thought he was hoarsky, but as the set was going he was improving a lot.

The great touch of the night: SEVENTH HEAVEN. An epic song. Heavier than most of the material in Purpendicular.
Great song. Morse plays it so beautifully. It is different from everything Purple did. It reminds me those songs of 10 minutes from Dream Theater, that makes a fusion of different sounds. It is hard to describe, but it was my favorite of the night. A serious candidate like Perfect Strangers. This band really knows how to create new sounds. It is incredible how they don't repeat themselves. Every song in the show is different from each one. I think this is the magic between these guys.

They are mature, they know what to do on stage , how to pace the show, how to conduct an audience, how to play and have joy at the same time.
I'm sure this is greatly because of Steve Morse. He fits so well in the band specially with Gillan an Jon Lord.

At the encore I went with my wife closer to the stage to take some pictures. Only myself and other 3 cameras at the show I suppose. It was forbidden to enter with cameras, but we did.
I lifted in a guys' back and took some pictures. Although I don't have a professional camera I hope it is gonna be great to have them!
I was afraid of the security guard, he just advised me to go down.
But I continued taking pictures taking advantadge of the guy who held me on his back. I am almost 100 Kg!

Summary: It is difficult, really, for somebody says that he doesn't like Steve Morse or the band.
I bet you, Blackmore's widows. I love Ritchie, he will always be in my heart for everything he did in the 70's. But, for those who still keep telling this and that about Steve, go to a show and stay closer the maximum you can to the stage. Watch them carefully, see their eyes, their happiness together, watch them playing with each other and with the audience. Pay attention to the details. Then you can write me and burn me with arguments.

Deep Purple reigns and by the sample I've got I can assure, in advance it is gonna be a great new record in 98. Once again.

Reinaldo Alves

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