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House of Blues show December 5 '97

To Deep Purple

Let me start with saying that as the concert started out it sucked. Then the first band, Chaotic Gas Passers or whatever, got the fuck off the stage. Whoever booked that band should be immediately fired.

Then came what can only be called a childhood dream come true. I have been listening to Deep Purple since I was about twelve, I am now 35. I had two chances to see you before. Once something happened on my end and the other the concert was canceled.

Enough about that. How did I like the show? I must say I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. I wondered if Gillan could still hit the screams, I wonder no more. Well done young man. Then I got needlessly worried about how Morse would handle covering Blackmore's parts. I must say I have never heard anything quite like that and I mean that in a good way (a very good way). As for the rest of the band - they way outdid my expectations. Maybe it was the intrusion of the first band on my brain, but I don't think so. I loved the fact that everyone in the band seemed to be having such a great time. Steve Morse had the perma-grin going. I very much enjoyed the interplay between the organ and guitar. By the way, Please never switch away from that lovely Hammond organ. It definitely sounded as if Lord had played a time or two before. What can a layman such as myself say other than WOW!! About the only negative thing would be to say that Morse is too precise at some points. Dirty it up a little I dare you. I will defiantly be at the next show I have a chance to see and I hope I do not have to wait so long. Come back to Atlanta PPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSE. I could go on, but it would sound to suck-up-ish. Good Luck in whatever you do and Thanks.

A Fan
Doug "Crash'n'" Bernhard

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