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Review - Auditorio Coca Cola, Monterrey City Feb 5, 1998

I was really tired because I had to drive all day to go from Mexico City to Monterrey, but when I arrived to the Auditorio Coca Cola I forgot everything.
In Monterrey first played a mexican band called "La Cuca"; after that, DP appeared. Before the first song (Hush), Gillan saw a guy who was throwing beer to the stage, then Gillan put his hands in his waist and made a strange face to him; later Gillan talked with Steve to say something like a "Take care with that guy". I was in the first row of the auditorium (exactly under Gillanīs microphone) and I could see that. I think that people were more excited than in Mexico city were. After that, everything was ok.
Again, "Black Night" was the song that more people sang that night.
I really liked Seventh Heaven and I will be waiting for the next CD to hear it again.
I came back the next day to Mexico City really tired but happy after enjoy two DP concerts.

Thanks Deep Purple.
P.S. We are waiting for you in the next tour. Please come to Mexico city again.

Edgar Alvarado

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