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Review: Friday 1/30/98

This was the night to see Deep Purple. All the other shows were phenomenal to say the least but this night Deep Purple absolutely melted my socks. This particular evening JBL had bought out the tickets for promotion (i was lucky enough to get my tickets before they went off sale to the public) that left alot more room to breathe down on the floor where I got to witness my "heros" firing away on all cylinders. The first night wed. was really loud ,which I like, but it seemed just a little too much for the small HOB. But by friday they dialed the sound in keeping the intensity but less volume so I could hear everybody perfectly. And the band was on (fire). Same set list as the other nights, rather than describe each members performance I will just say they were all playing and singing outstanding. I am especially pleased with all the new material which fits in just right with the older songs.

    The HOB is such a great place to see a show and I would like to also mention that the staff there were all very gracious. Thank you Deep Purple for coming here to play this fine choice of venues and I surely hope you will consider playing here again, perhaps supporting the next album, which I look forward to with open ears.

    To all the band,crew,and fans, these shows were all nights to remember forever and you have my unyeilding gratitude for absolutelty entertainig my ass off.


P.S. Opening act = Warren Zevon

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