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Tour Review Trieste, June 12th

since the album 'Deep Purple in Rock' was reseased more than 25 years ago, I'm a deepest Purple fan. These boys have really a particular sense for the spirit of Hard Rock. And it makes no difference, in which formation they play. If Simper, Gillan, Coverdale, Blackmore, Hughes or all the others, who have ever had the chance to deal with them - there was always this spirit.

I've seen a couple of their concerts in the history, whenever they were playing in Germany. They were good, no doubt, but this time it was different.

I spent my holidays near Trieste (Italy), when I heard about their gig there. So I went there to see my first concert in Italy. It was an Open Air at a little stadium in the heart of Trieste and there were around 3000 people, maybe less. People between 5 and 50. Daddys bringing their sons, pupils, people coming from the near Slovenia.

At the start of the gig, there were obviously some technical problems with the stage and the tune (Jon Lord was almost not th be heard), but their appearence was recovering it. They were bringing all their historical titles, mixed up with some new tracks from 'Abandon', so that at the end I couldn't say what was old or new. They were all new, fresh and played in the same spirit of 'In Rock'.

The Abandon tour is really one of their masterpieces and I do hope there will still follow others.

Thanks to Carlo Alberto Migliazza for his support. Any fule kno that?

Martin Boekenkamp

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