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Concert in Halle, 27.06.1998

Yesterday i visited my second DP-concert. That’s right, I’m fan since 1973 but is was the second concert, because i growed up in Eastgermany. I was 14 years old when I heard hard rock musik in the radio first time, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and so on. But i was not able to visited a concert behind the wall. I saw DP first time in september 1996 in Magdeburg. I was very excited before the concert. At the beginning the stage was dark and then the noise “Fireball”. Ian with wild hair. It was a great moment. The concert was very good. All musician payed with a high quality.
Yesterday in Halle I saw a same good live entrance of DP. It was a nice and hot summerday. Approximate 4000 guests visited the concert. DP played to a full house. Everybody was having fun.At the end of the concert DP got a great applause.

Wolfram Schulze

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