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DP in Munich

Yesterday I saw the concert in Munich. It was a great concert. Im deeply impressed by Ian Gillan. His screamed like in old days. Jon looked for 1 hour a bit serious but after his very well played solo he looked more relaxed and happy. Ian Paice also did a great solo. The light effects during his solo was crazy but I liked it.

Steve Morse played a completely different style as last time on the Purpendicular tour. It was more a american style of playin the guitar. He often did this high WHHEEEEE tone at the end of a riff, like many heavy metal bands of the 80s did. Im not a fan of playing the guitar in this way. However he did a great job. I liked the intro to Smoke On The Water. It was played very fast, good technics. If you view the hole band playing on the stage you can see that Steve Morse is the right man for DP.

I think the playlist was the same like in Berlin/Bochum. There was an excellent mood in the concert hall.

Now Im looking forward to the next album and tour.

Bernd Mst

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