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Hamburg, 21-06-98

After the wonderful concert in Bocholt I had to get up quite early, because I wanted to watch the football match between Germany and Yugoslavia in Hamburg in an Irish pub with some friends. Well, the match didn't end that desastrous as it looked like after 70 minutes, so I spent a wonderful day and especially took some preventive measures because of the catering situation I experienced the day before.

I arrived at the Sporthalle just in time. Once again a good show with very good sound and a brilliant light show.

Strange Kind Of Woman
Ted The Mechanic
Pictures Of Home
Fingers To The Bone
Almost Human
Woman From Tokyo
Watching The Sky
Seventh Heaven
Smoke On The Water
Evil Louie
Perfect Strangers
Speed King

Any Fule Kno That
Highway Star

This night was Steve's night. Brilliant sound, brilliant solos. Pictures Of Home and Smoke worked much better than the night before. Ian Gillan did not make any special announcements, more or less telling the names of the songs only.

In the middle of Watching The Sky some stupid idiot decided to throw his beer glass onto the stage and it hit directly Jon's head. He had to stop playing and was given some medical treatment. The band continued playing and after a few minutes Jon returned, obviously shocked by what had happened and as a consequence there was no keyboard/piano solo that night. So Jon, if you read this: All the best to you and I hope you weren't injured. Thank you for continuing and especially for those wonderful solos in Perfect Strangers, Speed King and Highway Star.

My personal highlights were the majestic performance of Perfect Strangers and Highway Star. The last one was such an outstanding performance, it left me with tears in my eyes. These are the things that make travelling all worthwile.

Apart from that sad incident it was a very good show and I hope to see more this year.

Uwe Schnier

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