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DP in Malta 6th June 1998 - Review

Here is a short review of the Deep Purple concert. A much more detailed account (and pictures) of Deep Purple's stay in Malta will be posted soon.

I was lucky enough to have a backstage pass. I was hoping to talk to some of the members but as soon as they arrived (in 2 Mercedesses) they went straight on the stage.
They started with HUSH which really got the fans going. Ian Paice gave the song a `swing` feel and Morse (who was smiling all along the concert) made some very nice licks. Jon Lord's Hammond solo sounded the same as the original.

Next came BLOODSUCKER. No surprises here. The band are really tight.

The third song was STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN. Steve's intro lick is different to the original. In the middle Morse just teases the audience with a few licks but Gillan doesn't try to imitate.

TED THE MECHANIC came next. Paice`s drum beat impressed many a drummer.....

PICTURES OF HOME started with the usual drum roll. Roger`s solo sounded like the original.

FINGERS TO THE BONE (sorry I cant comment much on the new tracks as Abandon hasn't been released in Malta yet)


WOMAN FROM TOKYO sounded the same as the Olympia version.



GUITAR SOLO ...Steve makes a very lengthy and incredible solo. He samples a rhythm and plays on top of it. He is in super excellent form! At the end of his solo Steve launches into SMOKE ON THE WATER which makes the crowd go wild.


KEYBOARD SOLO...Jon plays a short solo during which he plays Happy Birthday (for one of the road crew). Then he starts to tease the fans with LAZY. I was a bit disappointed with Steve's intro but once the band launched in, it sounded great. Over here I must comment that Ian Gillan is in excellent form.


The show was closed with SPEED KING during which Paice makes his solo. To me it sounded very much like the Made in Japan solo!!!!

The crowd shouted for more and we got more.....the band were supposed to play ANY FOOL KNO THAT but Morse teased the fans with BLACK NIGHT and they spontaneously played it....they had to!!!!!!

HIGHWAY STAR was the very last number......the fans wanted more but to no avail as the band went straight into their Mercedesses and off.........

Overall Deep Purple sounded as tight as ever.

Joseph & Sonia

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