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DEEP PURPLE in Stuttgart

The DEEP PURPLE gig in Stuttgart was good, great, fantastic! We enjoyed it very much. Ian was in a good mood. His dress envited for jogging. (Really beautiful legs). Also in good condition were the other ones of the band. Especially Steve. His Guitar solos, unique as ever.
The show was never boring, there were many interesting elements as improvisations, jazz elements and the combination of Ian's voice with Steve's guitar. The whole band just reflects such an dynamic and harmonious impression that you never doubt about their right to exist.
We had the luck to get backstage and to meet Roger Glover and Steve Morse with his wife. Friendly guys without any affectations! We got autographs, photos and guitar plectrums from Steve.

All in all it was a much better performace than in Karlsruhe one week before. No question that we will be present in Hanau, too!

Bye bye, so long,
Harald & Silvia (from Heddesheim near by Mannheim)
Fans of good Rock music.

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