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Halle, June 27

I'm writing this early afternoon june 28 in online bistro munchen. I'll have to be short as this german keyboard layout drives me crazy...

In a word: it's better than sex.

I arrived to Eissporthalle around 5pm and it was nearly dead. Security guy told me that there'll be no soundcheck and that stage equipment have just arrived. So I decided to go somewhere and have a quick bite and probably a beer or two. At the bar i spotted a group of 4 or 5 german fans wearing different rock'n'roll memorabilia t-shirts. I had my machine head t-shirt on and my english was quite fluent for former DDR, so I was mistaken for a DP roadie. I managed to explain that I'm not, but rather a fan.
'Where are you from? Gross Britain?'
'You're kidding'
I showed them a pack of my smokes that proudly read: 'Smoking causes fatal lung diseases in non-smokers. Health canada.'
Four jaws wide open. The rest of the night I was on their bill and it was one a many beer...

We got to the venue at around 7:30 and continued at the bar inside. I skipped the opening band as it was not really something I'd be interested in. The place is really a hockey rink with some seats on the side which is now an improvised concert hall/bar/disco. I think there were a total of 5-8 thousand people, i.e. pretty much packed up. For the main event I took a place midthrough the ground on the right side. I hate tackling people ;)

Purple hit the stage at 9:20 and open with hush. From the first moment up to the last one the playing was extremely tight and aggressive. And boy, was it loud! I was too wasted to take down the setlist, but AFAIR it was pretty much the same as reported earlier. The block of old hits in the beginning really got the crowd going. What was completely different from the last tour is stage setup - a mirror of previous one. Steve on the right, Jon behind him, PaIcey back in the centre, Rog on the left and big Ian wandering all around the place.

Gillan and Morse were the stars of the show. Ian with hitting all the right notes at the right time ;) and only once messing up with lyrics. Steve was just incredible. Rog and PaIcey were good as usual. It was Jon who looked kinda tired or at least less enthusiastic about playing as he can be. I make no further comments on this, as I wasn't very sober ;)

Their set lasted for 1:55, after which I was left with absolutely no voice - it's tough to compete with big Ian when he's in good shape ;). When the lights went on and crowd started going away, I tried to convince this german security guy to call Roger to the fence to have a word with this crazy fan who came from Canada. But to no avail...

I went to the backdoor with the hope to see somebody from the band and say hi (with remote possibility to hitch a backstage pass for Munich and/or Paris). At around 11:45 I see colin coming out to check the cars or something. I shout to him: 'hey, Colin, can I have a word with Rog?' - 'definitely not at this moment' and he disappears back. I waited another half an hour and had to leave as my train to Munich was shortly after 1am...

Nick Soveiko

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