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DP In Frauenfeld

Like I did last year, I went to Frauenfeld yesterday to watch Deep Purple; this year, I went first to bed, and now (11:23 am), I'm writing some words about the concert.

Well, ...ehhh, it was the 5th time I saw them with Steve, and the 15th in all (I saw them 10th with Ritchie, from '85 to '93).
The show was amazing, but after all these years, I think Steve does almost always the same tricks on his guitar, and it becomes a little bit boring during his solos! The first time I saw him, it was very impressive, but 2 years later, it sounds always the same...
Anyway, the show began at 11:45 pm instead of 11:30; just 15 minutes late, it's ...a good surprise!

This is the set list:

  1. Hush (very nice version)
  2. Bludsucker (I was more impressed by the version they made in Grenoble in '96, but the track was well done yesterday)
  3. Strange Kind Of Woman (it's the worst version I've ever heard! I was very enthousiastic about the song, but it sounded much better with Ritchie in '85 or '87 when I watched them... No Guitar/Vocals parts - as the do now on Speed King; very bad...)
  4. Ted The Mechanic
  5. Pictures Of Home (introduced as "a song from Machine Head for Switzerland" ...as Ian usully does in Switzerland; and everybody around me is crying: "Smoke On The Water"! ...Well, the joke is always funny...)
  6. Into The Fire
  7. Woman From Tokyo
  8. Watching The Sky (Great version, but it was the first time I heard it live!)
  9. Almost Human (an amazing "rocking intro" by Steve, and a great Hammond solo by Jon)
  10. Solo Steve Morse (in the way of "When A Blind Man Cries"; I wondered if they would play it!)
  11. Smoke On The Water
  12. Solo Jon Lord (a superb one THIS YEAR! - watch what I wrote last year!)
  13. Lazy (very impressive; I wondered what this song could become without Ricthie, and I was good surprised: the feeling is always very present, although Ian forgot some words... A good one!)
  14. Perfect Strangers (Very nice! I didn't like the guitar tricks that Steve puts in the song in 1996, but now, I think it sounds very good! It's probably better played after 3 years of working on it!)
  15. Speed King (Superb version of the song! It was, as usually, introduced as a ballad...)
    • Ian Paice Solo
    • Vocals/Guitar tricks (those that weren't on SKOW!)
    • Not Fade Away


  16. Highway Star (Amazing)
  17. Black Night (Amazing too!)

Alright, what can I say ? The show was very impressive; the virtuosity of the guys is always incredible! BUT: where were the new songs? I always saw the old material with Steve, and I was waiting for the new one, especially "7th Heaven" and "Any Fool..."; NOTHING!
I understand that the running time of a festival isn't the same as a "normal concert", but I think the set list wasn't enough interesting for a guy like me after all these years! If they don't want to play the new material during a festival, I would agree, ...but only if the old one contains some songs that they don't use to play like "Mary Long", "Rat Bat Blue", some stuff from Firebal like "No, No, No", some stuff from In Rock like "Flight Of The Rat"...
It's always the same songs, except SKOW which was much much better with Ritchie!

I hope that I'll hear some more new songs next time I'll see them!

...No kidding: it's always the best band I've ever seen on stage! After more than 20 years, I listen to their music with such a great pleasure! I just become ...more critical with the set list...

Jacques Rolfo

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