[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

Ravensburg, Oberschwabenhalle 14.6.98

It was that beautiful sunday afternoon when we, three fans from Zürich, drove directly to Ravensburg to see this unbelievable band again. We love the new album and of course the way Steve plays. Ian Gillan is still my favourite and of course the other guys play even better than the previous five years. Finally, before the Band entered the stage we stood in the sixth row and "Hush" started. A great song, but I think it`s a bit a light start (if you compare with "fireball" last tour). But when they played "Bloodsucker" with great enthusiasm I realised the band is in an unbelievable mood. Then the new songs. My favourites "watching the sky" and "fingers.." blew me away (but why they don`t play "69"?) The new lights in "perfect strangers" are stunning and "Speed King" was killing...
I don`t want to mention the encores because it was like a dream . Finally Gillan said "we love you " and the show was over. About 50 minutes later we met the boys before the tourbus (except Jon) and it was a great experience. I hope that the band can keep that level of making music for years to come...

In seventh heaven,
Felix Waldispühl
Zürich, Switzerland

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