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The Concert on 21.06.98 in Hamburg

Same Procedure as every Day ?

First of all:
All of the visitors and i are very sad about that, what happened to Jon: He was hit by a thrown plastic-beer-cup while "walkin the sky". This stupid idiot must be sent to "/dev/null"!

I wish Jon is feeling now very better and will have lots of fun during the concert in Berlin today! (and i hope he receives these lines soon)

The Concert:
it was the playlist.
The "Alsterdorfer Sporthalle":
I was standing in front of the band on the right side, so i was able to listen to Steve, but canīt hear the others as well as i liked to. Lights:
only these simple spots. No lasers. At the beginning in the background all in purple, at the end all with stars. Nothing else. The audience:
I dont know how many were there and i canīt read about them in the papers yet.
(sorry Jon, 1 or 2 idiots ībout them)
Never the less there were older fans like me and a lot of younger and very young fans.
The show:
I liked the mix. It was some old, some new and they did it not perfect at all. That is, what live means to me: a little mistake here, a forgotten textline there... Sometimes Steve was louder than big I, i suppose. Roger made his personal jokes, most of the time he was grinning. Steve made it well, The new tracks perfekt, the classics in his own way. He was smiling and he liked the good feedback from the audience and he often grinned to the backstage. I think, there were the children and his wife he smiled to.
I think all of them were in good mode and had their fun.
Sometimes they hold special talkies with another and it seemed to me they have forgotten the show. All was show, wasnīt it?
The heroes:
Jon was was not often in action for solos and made it well. I missed the lasers on Perfect Stranger around him.
Roger was allways in good mode. He was singing background with Steve on, hm, sorry, was it "Seventh Heaven" ?)... He did no solo.
Paicey was drumming. His solo on Lazy was not remarkable and poorly short.
Ian was great.
Steve made it well. He is a friendly man and in good humor this evening. Well, it is hard, to do the stringtracks just like Ritchie did, actually he is forced to made the classic tracks as we like them and as we like to hear them, live.
He was the man with the coloured T-Shirts, the others wore black clothes, exc. Paicey, but that was only to be seen while entering the stage and while leaving...

Alf Heyer

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