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Karlsruhe review

Hi folks,
it was nice to meet some DP.www freaks in Karlsruhe. So hello again to everybody!!!!

The review: eeerrrrr.....this wasn't the best show anyway. Let's start from the beginning: a lousy organisation at the Schwarzwaldhalle. Two(!) doors were open. At last we got in. Luckily. Sound: lousy as well, but I didnī't expect more in this place.

HUSH: nice, but nothing exciting.
BLUDSUCKER: one of my all time favourites, pretty much the same like on ABANDON.
STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN: really not necessary.
TED: great as ever
PICTURES OF HOME: I think, one verse was missing, the rest see LIVE AT THE OLYMPIA
FINGERS TO THE BONE: a little more extended piano solo by Jon.
ALMOST HUMAN: almost like on ABANDON
WATCHING THE SKY: Nice version with no fade-out in the end (of course).
SEVENTH HEAVEN: great song, but almost like on ABANDON. I thought this could be a good carrier for more improvisation.
STEVE`S SOLO: nice thing, a little like on CASCADES-live, but some tasteful changes. I liked it.
SMOKE: as ever
EVIL LOUIE: not a one I like, so no comments on this one.
JON`S SOLO: definetly too short, made some improvastion with the EVIL LOUIE riff.
LAZY: complete version (MACHINE HEAD). Harmonica was cool.
SPEED KING: best song at this evening, cool and only really question-and-answer by Steve and Jon, short but nice drum solo from little Ian (wasn't in best mood, strange thing that he looked all the time away from the band in this new stage setup). Cool IG and SM duel.

Encores: ANY FULE KNO THAT: o.k., but shorter than on cd. HIGHWAY STAR: as ever

So there was really nothing spectacular or exciting about this show. Starting from a strange setlist and ending with all in all too short songs (well, we´ve been at DP not at THE RAMONES). Showtime was 1:50 h.

It was not disappointing, just a l ittle bit boring.

See ya guys,
Joachim Petrow

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