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Concert in Malta, June 6th

The show was absolutely fabulous. I was impressed by just how tight the band was. It was the first time I had seen Steve Morse in action with Purple and I was blown over by the way he fits in with the groove of the band. His individual solo was cosmic and took us all to another level up in the sky somewhere.
The power of Ian's drumming can never be fully appreciated until you've stood a few meters away from him. It was a great honour to witness a living legend.
Jon Lord...well, he is the god almighty of Keyboards, and will always be! He produces quality every second that he plays. Words cannot describe the blend of groove, power and feeling.
Roger Glover... the smooth, constant, cool, experienced, backbone of the band. It just wouldn't be the same without him.
Ian Gillan... what can I say? His voice is absolutely out of this world. If any of us had any doubts as to whether time would have taken its toll, they were brutally squashed yesterday. How does he do it ? His voice is without doubt one of the best in rock. His 'duet' with Steve, which saw them trading phrases with total ease, complete precision and ultimate feeling was a privilege to experience.
Purple most definitely live on. The new songs had the groove and quality to become classics, and the classics were, well, CLASSIC!
Best concert I have ever experienced.

Jeremy de Maria

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