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Berlin 22.6.98

DP in Berlin 22.6.
Well... IMHO...
this place, the Velodrom, like Deutschlandhalle the last time, is not exactly suitable for rock shows, expecting a good sound... So it was nothing more that you could expect. 62.- for a ticket, thatīs really enough. Obviously it wasnīt sold out.
Surprises? Yes, some perfect surprises in the set-list. They did songs that were never performed live in concert, never!!! I was so surprised to hear "Strange Kind Of Woman", and surely "Black Night". The inclusion of these mentioned rarities definetely make this tour something special!!!!
Honestly, they could have come up with SOMETHING, like "Mary Long", "No, No, No" or "Fools", or even "April (Part III)". But no, they just played it save once again. I always thought, the chosing of a save set-list was down to Mr. Blackmore...
And the new songs donīt really cut the bread...
To make a long story short:
It was the same procedure as every year. Thatīs not enough - any fool knows that!!!!

Hartmut Kreckel

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