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Second night of '98 Tour

June 2nd, 1998, Istanbul
Second night of ’98 Tour

Well, I am sure if I say "It wasn’t a concert only, but a history was there!" someone is confused about that. It really looks like a common saying for such events or things all around the world. It is really appreciated if you say so.

But, it is true... A history was there!

When they are celebrating their 30th years, we were (/are still) celebrating their first time live on the stage in Turkey.

No one here can say whether it is luck or not.

...as Neil Jeffries of Kerrang said "No one who has heard Deep Purple kick off a show with "Highway Star" will ever forget it." This is why it was a little bit strange to hear the first tunes of "Hush" in the beginning as the Turkish audiences since we heard Deep Purple only live on records "Made in Japan", "BBC Concert" and "Come Hell or High Water". Hence, we come to a point that there is "Gillan/Morse style of Deep Purple" on stage currently rather than "Blackmore style of Deep Purple". Compare them? Not so easy!

There were 12,000 people watching them.

Some numbers from "Abandon" was really excited. But, in fact, everybody was waiting for old numbers as standards that not necessary to mention them here again.

The first encore was something (naturally) expected: Because "Highway Star" wasn’t sung and it would be done.

They were surprised about the reaction of Turkish audiences.

After about 7 minutes of applause they come for the 2nd encore: Black Night. Gillan came to the stage "bare foot".
... and said "Good-bye".

Deep Purple was to come to Turkey in the summer of 1993, but there were 2 more concerts at the stadium then. Therefore, it was cancelled. When I listen to the record "Come Hell or High Water" I say that we should listen Deep Purple live on stage with Ritchie Blackmore. No one can deny it. He was (is?) a phenomenon.

The Guitarist was not there, but The Smiling Guitarist was really impressed us.

Sorry everybody. It wasn’t easy to express my feelings at this moment. Maybe, I can tell the complete story later.

Do you remember your first time when you saw them live on stage?

Thanks everybody,
Altan Orkun

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