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Review Halle (Saale) / Eissporthalle, 27.06.98

The concert took place in a venue wich is known for its awful sound-quality, but not on this evening. It was the best sounding concert I ever heard in the Eissporthalle.

Support act Rage played a nice set with 5 members of the Lingua Mortis Orchestra. Their show was very well received by the DP-Fans and the Band (especially Peavy) were very pleased with the reactions. They played only songs from their album "XIII" with the exception of one. Their were even calls for an encore, what is not regular on those events.

After 20 minutes DP started with an exciting version of Hush and the party was ready to start. The setlist was the following (I think the same as Karlsruhe): Hush, Bludsucker, Strange Kind of Woman, Ted the Mechanic, Pictures of Home, Fingers to the Bone, Almost Human, Woman from Tokyo, Into the Fire, Watching the Sky, Seventh Heaven, Smoke on the Water, Evil Louie, Lazy (featered IG with a nice Cowboy-hat), Perfect Strangers, Speed King. The encores where Any Fule Kno That and Highway Star.

Although the Setlist was a little bit disappointing, the band played one of the best shows I've ever seen. Especially Roger and Paicey constructed a rhythm, that even old songs sounded new and fresh. Nearly everybody was moving. Also big Ian managed to sing like a young God. The whole band was in a nice shape and it seemed that they were pushed by the crowd from song to song.

Only on Any Fule Kno That it seemed that IG had a little blackout with the lyrics. The solos, interplay SM/IG and so on were very nice but they were described by one of the Karlsruhe- reviews.

All in all it was an exciting evening and I only hope, that they will change their setlist for the second leg of the tour.

Holger Fitzkow

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