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Halle review

On my way back from Paris I was able to enjoy the purple concert in Halle,Germany. I live in Sweden if anyone wonders. At the end of it I was soaked with sweat since the weather was very warm and the icehockey hall was packed. My guess 5000-6000 purple-lovers.
The band got a really warm reception from the audience and I must say that Halle is a friendly town. The songs that worked best for me was the new ones; Fingers to the bone, Watching the sky, Seventh heaven, Almost human, Evil Louie and perhaps not so much Any fule kno that. Though I like the studio version a lot.
The sound was ok but the PA should have been dimentioned for a place like this.
I hope the sound is 100% when they come to Oslo, because the new songs deserve it.
Anyway the band is ON.

Michael Lorentzen

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