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Berlin: Velodrom 22 June 1998

Yet another fine show from one of the Worlds greatest bands.

The show started with a fine rendition of Hush - its good to see the band playing this again especially after some new bands have brought it to peoples attention (Kuala Shaker) - and then progressed through some fine old songs before they tried the new ones out on the crowd.

All songs were met with wild cheers and stomping would say that everyone had bought the new album - which when played live has the potential for some real classics. We can look forward to hearing these songs a lot in the future.

The individual solos were short, but very good, which maintained the flow of the show. The stage is plain and therefore all interest is focused on the music- as it should be.

The band were having a great night and seemed to enjoy the show as much as us. It really is good to see the band in such good spirits. The band have been lifted to new heights with the addition of Steve Morse. Long may he remain in the band. We do not need moody self centered people in the band, we have all grown to old for those childish ways and are only out for a good time. The type of good time that the boys have been giving for the last couple of years.

Long may Purple keep going. With shows like last night and albums like Abandon we can all be kept happy.

Nick Murphy

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