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TURIN - ITALY - 13 JUNE 1998

In the afternoon, Joe Satriani start up the emotions for all the Purple fans. Very good player, a lot of fantasy. His guitar play and sing in the meantime. What a pitty don't have seen DP with him in Genova - Italy Juin 1994.
    I enjoy the gig. It's a different player from Morse, stronger, less melodics, but very amazing, indeed.
    Then GR - J.Satriani - M.Schenker - U.J.Roth - Historical gig.
    Then Dream Theater: too long show. People come out on the green, eating and waiting for THE BEST.
    23.00 - And finally .... and finally.... THE HAPPY GROUP
    That's what fans can see. There is Steve singing tracks like MWFTokyo - Smoke..-Lazy- BNight. That's why he loved it and he's not tired too to play it. He change some passages and give new life to teh best oldies. Maybe someone is bettere then the original.
    Roger smile everytime and look to Steve, singing in chorus with him in Almost Human. Absolutely fans-tastic.
    Paicey is, this time, in the left top of the stage, pumping rock and, also, funk. Yes, funk . Great solo.
    Jon is classical, playing a lot of solo.
    Ian is in a very good condition. I've seen GILLAN in Juin 81 in Milano - Italy. Now he's better and more happy (surely more happy than Juin 93 with Blackmore). The happiness influence all the gig.
HUSH - More hard than ever, very good for entrance. It's 30 years history in a word. New riff from Steve.
BLUDSUCKER Best live than in CD and even than IN ROCK
TED... (A new classic - Morse era)
PICTURES OF HOME ( a jump in the 70's)
FINGERS TO THE BONE One of the best new tracks. Sweet.
ALMOST HUMAN - "THE BEST" new. Live is better with the intro riff from Steve. Very Hard Rock.
WATCHING THE SKY a moment of relax...watching the sky
SEVENTH HEAVEN Sweet intro for an heavy riff. Best live.
    I think it lack 2 or 3 songs from the last 2 cd (Cascades-Sometimes...-69).
    Fans medium age was near 30 years. Near to me a father (55...) and his sun (17...) was singing togheter and jumping all the historical tracks and also the news. Mee too, under the stage, I'm not very young. (38). I bought my first LP (Machine...), but I still go to see DP, when possible.
    I'v seen GILLAN 81 - DP 93 - 96 - 98 - Coverdale 97. It's everytime better.
    I hope they will pay for another 30 years(at minimum).
    Thank You DP.

Carlo Alberto Migliazza

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