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Hello you rocking friends,
last saturday June 20th, Deep Purple played in Bocholt. This was my chance to see the masters of Blues rock live. You must understand i'm a verry huge fan of KISS, but DP has also my attention. We went on at 17.00 hrs, and where in Bocholt on 18.00 hrs.
It was quit obvious, that at that moment there where less people. The Germans got a mix of teenagers and real old people. The 1st band went on, this was a band who won a local contest and they were lousy, playing covers at a rock concert, is a shame. Get youre ball's together and write.
The second band Rage, was nice band, good singer, poor songs. It sound heavy, but too little melody.
The stage was verry verry simple, but the concert was SUPERB.
They started with HUSH, i think it was a surprise, and they played all the classic stuff. Smoke on the water, woman from tokyo, speed king, and more. And finally they played Knockin at youre back door. My favorite The concert was GREAT, but what i liked the most was the FUN they have on stage, and Steve Morse is a hell of a guitar player.
Back in the car, we talked about the concert. And we thought it was like the Muppetshow, no no no this it not bad speaking. But was Ian Paice not just like animal, John Lord the supervisor, Steve morse as Miss piggy, evry where , Roger Clover as Gonzo the fun maker, and Ian Gillan as Kermit.
It is now next Saturday, and today i bought on ceedee Live in Tokyo, and Abandon. SUPERB as Ian Gillan would say, and the next tour i will be there. See you and keep on rockin and rolling.
Rock and roll reunited.

Patrick Pos

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