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Jun 2, 1998

Tonight, the 2nd of June, was one of the most blessed nights of my life. I just got out of the concert an hour ago. And what can I say about it ?!? Besides splendid that is.. I'm 22, and I've been listening to Purple for about 8 years. They were the first rock band that I had listened to, and the first licks I played on the guitar belonged to highway star. All of a sudden, with my first touch to the guitar in my life, on a classical one, I played it, and now I'm sure it was the most appropriate thing done in my life. I mean the Purple addiction. Just at the end of the concert, I was thinking that what can I like better than highway star, then rose the first notes of BLACK NIGHT!!

I'm glad that they started their tour from Istanbul. And I couldn't believe the audience. For the first time, they were really into it!! I've been to many concerts in Turkey, but this time it was more enthusiastic than ever. That's because the band is fabulous. I'd love to see Blackmore, but Morse does fine as well. He is so handsome like the northern gods.

Well, I think the new album is as fine as the others, but much better than the previous one. Especially they've got a song I don't remember which, but I'll tell you when I get the album, and it's uttermost fab!! I wouldn't believe that they'd make such a song again :))

1 or 2 months ago, we had Led Zeppelin in concert, but it was nothing like Deep Purple. Nothing. And it will never be. Gillan's got the voice, Paice, the pace, Morse, the looks, Glover, the coolness, Lord, stays the lord. It could only be them who would make a concert last forever and keep the audience standing there after they left, for many minutes. But they came back, and with the last one BLACK NIGHT, proved they're the best.

Splendid performance, splendid looks, splendid professionalism, and the way they prize the audience. Nothing could be like it... Well, last of all I want to thank DEEP PURPLE for making me have the night of my life. THEY'RE THE BEST, AND EVER WILL BE. THEY'RE THE TRUE AND ONLY HIGHWAY STARS. LONG LIVE ROCK N' ROLL, AND LONG LIVE DEEP PURPLE!!!!
PS: I'll be sending a picture of the concert, but all I have now is a pic of me. So, keep on rollin'...

Berna Suzer

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