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DP-concert in Munich June 28

Yesterday I saw my second Purple concert, I visited the Purpendicular tour when I was 14. My hourlong waiting was honored with a place in the "pole position".

The house was sold out, there were ca. 10 000 fans. They started with the best opener I can imagine for a Purple concert, an amazing interpretation of Hush, followed by Strange Kind of Woman, then Blu(/oo)dsucker. Then they played some of the older ones (Into The Fire, SOTW, Woman from Tokyo) and some new ones (Fingers To The Bone, Seventh Heaven), and they were in the best mood, Ian Gillan sung like a 20 year old angel, the audience was dancing and handclapping all the time. Then they played Evil Louie. At the end of this song, they made kind a rhythmic mistake, Ian Paice was out, Gillan kept singing, it somehow sounded strange. Ian Gillan said a firmly "We love You" and disappeared behind stage. From this point of time, there was a superficial happiness, but you could feel, that they wanted to finish the show as fast as possible.

The long solo of Jon Lord was more a joke than a solo, he played some jazz standard chords, this was all. After a short encore of 3 songs(Purpendicular tour: 5 songs), they left the stage and somehow left a sad feeling. Perhaps they drank too much the day before, which was Paicies birthday or had personal problems, I donīt know, but I really hope that they have still fun in making that great music and release another 16 albums.

Marko Konstroffer

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