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Helsinki Concert 29.9. -98

The Place
Helsinki icehall. Not a very good place for concerts IMHO, bad acoustics and a very, very cold place. I can't understand how they can play so well when the audience is freezing their butts. But I think it's not cold under those spotlights...

The Band
Mr Gillan:
    Where the hell he gets all that energy??. Typical running aways from stage during solos. Maybe he again has girl under the concert piano behind the stage?? :) Lots of humor. We Finns got what we deserved for being mobile phone addicted people...
Great singing and yeeooohhhwwww - screams.

    The ground for band to stand on. Not much moving, but his playing was, as usually, awesome.

Mr. Lord:
    There was something missing... Still very excellent playing, hammond roaring and stuff but in solo duels with Steve the final tightness was missing. It's seemed that he was bored to play, can it be possible?? A very short solo.

Mr. Morse:
    This was the first time for me to saw this man playing live and what can I say. He is awesome. He just plays what he wants and uses those fine effect machine so that it seemed like there were thousand guitars playing... Lot's of energy...

Mr. Paice:
    Very, very excellent playing. He is in great shape. Awesome solo, something I haven't heard from him for many years... The man was rocking...

The Gig
Pictures of Home
Almost Human
Watching the Sky
Woman from Tokyo (a very tight performance...)
Any Fule
Lazy (Gillan was wearing some silly mask in the beginning...)
--Steve Solo (Some classic rocksongs were introduced)
Perfect Strangers
Speed King (Gillan: "Something I sing for my daughter every night") (Some Peggy Sue stuff in the Middle)

7th Heaven
Highway Star

Closing Words
    We had everything louder than everything else. I was loving every minute of It. I hope I see DP again in Finland and in Helsinki. in Gillan's own words: "This is a very special place for us. It was here this whole thing started..." And I'm very glad It did.


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