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October 15th NEC UK 1998

When Purple first reformed back in 1984 I did not go to see them, such was my worry that they could not live up to the legend the name Deep Purple had become. Over the next few years I did go and (from my own perspective) I watched the band I had followed from 1972 slowly unravel. The lowest point being 'Nobody's Perfect' which just drew comparisons with the past and with no thoughts of any future.

I went to see Purple during their Purpendicular tour and although very impressed still thought back to those magical nights with Blackmore (there were some, honest!) however what I witnessed on the 15th October has restored faith in the name Deep Purple.

However much of a Blackmore fan I am (and believe me I am) Steve Morse's performance included some of the most emotional and technically brilliant playing I have ever heard or witnessed. The whole band were fantastic, Gillan's voice was great, the interplay between them fantastic. They just look so happy to be up there.

I really hope that Purple do get voted into the RnR hall of fame and if they do Steve Morse should proudly be there as the guitarist of Deep Purple . The show at the NEC was the best Purple show I have ever seen, I not going to go into the specific tracks (you can see those elsewhere) but if you're out there still wondering wheather to check this tour out or not, then I strongly suggest you do.

Thank you Ian, Roger, Ian, Jon and especially you Steve for restoring my faith in the greatest Rock band of all time.

Phil Aston

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