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A quick review that may be somewhat different in tone than others.

Honestly, I really wanted to like it, I really fought hard to get "into it", But, because of some reason, it never happened, and it seemed as if that was the common reaction among the majority of us in Solna the 3rd october.
A group like purple, a crowd with all these memories, a place with even the sound working ok, you really should expect more. I think that not only our group of friends felt like "something" was missing. Sure, they played right, sure there were more guitar solos than in the home of a 15 year old air guitar player, But, the power of purple, the power of the songs, it didn't emerge. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll come again, with more enthusiasm, and more connected to the audience.

(just my view...)
Lasse Eriksson

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