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Review Copenhagen Oct. 1 1998

What I didn't see at the concert in KB-hallen, Copenhagen October 1st was 5 young men struggling to get known, with the spark and the tension that made that music what it was.

What I also didn't see was 5 older people playing just for the money, with overwhelming laser light show and stage equipment that took the mind from the music.

What I did see was five great musicians who knew their stuff, played very well and gave the audience what they wanted. I was glad to see that it was back to basics regarding the instruments, basic drumset not too many synths, bass, guitar (okay, I know Steve got lots of hardware on the floor) and vocals and not too much light(show). Although the volume was a little(!) on the loud side I thought that the sound was OK. (I did wear my earplugs.)
All in all it was a great concert and I'm looking forward to see them again next time.

Jan Larsen,

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