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Helsinki 29.9.1998


It was the first time I saw Deep Purple live on stage. And I must admit that the mammoth is alive and kicking like hell!!

No signs of being tired after all those years on the road and the guys were clearly having fun on stage. I had heard beforehand that Mr Gillan's voice should be in a good shape. Well, it was even above that...

Lots of effort has been paid on discussion about the role of Mr Morse in the band. Is this The Deep Purple anymore, since Richie isn't in anymore?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, Steve Morse is one of the most talented axe wizards in the business and he's definetely better player live than Blackmore ever was. Furthermore, Deep Purple is nowadays much more groovy band than it used to be. So, there's really no reason to miss Mr Blackmore!!

The only thing I would have changed in the concert was that too few songs from Purpendicular were played. For instance, I would have loved to hear "Sometimes I feel like screaming " live. It must have been an awesome experience!!

All in all, a fantastic evening with Deep Purple. Tnx guys!!

Tommi Salminen

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