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NEC October 15th

This was my first Deep Purple Concert (it won't be my last). It was fantastic. It was clear that the band were enjoying themselves (especially Steve and Roger) and the sound was phenomenal.

The highlight for me was 'Perfect Strangers' - it was played so powerfully and the balance was just right. Other notable Songs were 'Fingers to the Bone', which I liked on the Album; but it was better live!

If I had any criticism it would be with 'Ted the Mechanic', this was the weakest song in the setlist and is the weakest song on 'Purpendicular'. Why not do 'Sometimes I feel like Screaming' or 'I'm not your lover now'?

The atmosphere in the NEC was a bit mixed, during the 'classic' tracks it seemed to pick up. But a few people seemed to loose interest when stuff from Abandon was being played. There were also a couple of Drunk blokes behind me who shouted "where's Ritchie" during Steve M's solo.

But my overiding memory will be of a great concert.

Just don't stop enjoying yourselves!

Simon Furr

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