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The show opened with support by a speed metal band from Gothenburg called Hammerfall, they were really good they sounded like Iron Maiden and Helloween. They made a cover of Rainbows "Man On The Silver Mountain", and the crowd started to enjoy the show.

There were about 3500 and sold out!! The spectators were all aged from 4(!)(on his fathers head!) and 60. I`m glad too see, there isnīt only me in my age who likes Deep Purple (iīm only 17) and this was my second DP show, the first one I saw was in Falun on the Purpendicular tour, (and I also saw Rainbow on the Stranger in Us All tour back in ī95)

35-40 minutes after Hammerfall, DP entered the stage and started the show with the same organ as the intro to "Any Fule Kno That", then they opened the show with "Ted The Mechanic", it was superb made and I saw at once that they had a great feeling in the band!! Gillan smiled, Paice did, Jon did, Roger did, Steve did and the crowd did!! It was absolutley amazing!!
Then Strange Kind Of woman!! A great song in a great version! An introduction to a new song twice it was of course Bludsucker or was it Bloodsucker (who knows???) turned to Pictures Of Home and so on as the other shows.

After that I think Steveīs solo (or was it Lordīs??) they turned a little bit to Cascadeīs: Iīm not yor lover that was one of many highlights of the show, As the bass solo in Pictures of home. As Lazy, as Smoke, as woman from Tokyo, as Highway Star etc. etc. etc.

I have to say that all the A.BAND.ON tracks are much better live!! So donīt miss a show near (or far) from you!

I read two rewiwvs of the show in two Swedish newspapers called Aftonbladet & Expressen, they got 3 of 5 and 2 of 5. I have too say 5 of 5, because DP rocks and is the best live band on earth!!

If I compare the Purpendicular show and this one, this one was much better even if the other one was great too.

Me and my friends met Deep Purple on their hotel (Sheraton, STHLM) both before and after the show, they signed records and were really happy, but Ian Gillan was angry the day after the show, why?? Too much beer??


Michael Ostera

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