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Concerts review VIGO Las Travessas

What we saw in Vigo was something unbelivable...
Vintage Purple at his very best.
Great atmosphere, a 10.000 strong crowd raging from 25% of portuguese fans (We were there hand in hand with our galician brothers !), to every age. I saw one respectable senior figure that seemed in his late 80's.
This time, even the press skeptics bend over. "Concerto esmagador" was the headline on the daily PUBLICO www.publico.pt 20 September, on the Lisbon concert or "Deep Purple arrasaram em concerto no Coliseu" on DN www.dn.pt/dn1/. There's a great pic of Ian here. Just check what the words "esmagador" e "arrasar" means.
DEEP PURPLE: simply...the best.


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