[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star


The setlist
Vavoom (Ted The Mechanic)
Strange Kind of woman
Pictures of home (with Rogers solo)
Almost Human
Watching The Sky
Woman From Tokyo
Any Fule Kno That
Steve Morse solo (with the end of Cascades)
Smoke On The Water
Jon Lord solo
Perfect Strangers
Speed King (with Paice solo)

Seventh Heaven
Highway Star

I saw Deep Purple in Umeň last summer and I thought they were great. The only thing that I didn`t like that night was the Purpendicular songs live. I love the record Purpendicular. It`s the best one since Perfect Strangers but the songs in live wasn`t as good as I expected.

This night in Solna, Stockholm they were fantastic. Gillan and co. really enjoyed themself on the stage. Ian Gillan's voice was much better than in Umeň 1996.The screams in Bloodsucker sounded like in the early 80's. It was also pretty cool in Speed King when he was imitating Steve Morse┤s guitar.

Steve Morse did a great job on the guitar and did a fantastic guitar solo in the middle of the concert!! I loved it. However, Ritchie Blackmore still is my favourite guitar player and has always been but I must admit that Steve Morse is great. They are two different guitar players with two different styles and Steve gives this band a new life.

Ian Paice also did a great solo!!
The whole band was great but the best one was Jon Lord. He was the god!

At the concert I missed songs like Mary Long, Hard Lovin' Man, Mitzi Dupree and Knocking At Your Backdoor. But it`s OK. The highlights were Strange Kind Of Woman, Speed King, Lazy and Perfect Strangers. I have seen Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath and Skunk Anansie before. But this consert was something special. Deep Purple is the best liveband in the world. If you can, go and see them!!

Johannes Bergenheim,
15 years old

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