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Moscow concert 21-11-98

What can I say, a concert of Deep Purple in Moscow, on the eve on my 40th birthday, more fitting is not possible!
I am a DP fan since I can think, the first song I heard over the phone when I was 12, "Child in time", and from there on I was hooked!
Anyway to get back to the show in Moscow, it was very cold, sunny day and a lot of snow! The crowd control was stringent as usual but no body searches! Funny when I got to the front of the line the militia stopped the crowd and I shouted to my mates in English to wait inside, the guy let me pass, but the people behind had to wait!
Then the chaos at the "wardrobe", cues of people, and the bells were ringing!
We had seats half way up, the show started with the same song as some of the previous reports, actually it was the same as the reports! Sweeping cameras with two screens for close up shots and a I would say normal stage show and lighting! But the music -- the crowd went mad when the old were played, the middle part was a bit slow, they could have rather played "Child in time", "Burn" or "Stormbringer", but I suppose they have to promote their latest record or are sick and tired to play the same for 30 years, nevertheless it was great even though the surrounding Russians were a bit slow to get off their chairs!
I lost it totally when "Highway star" and "Black night" was played as encores, a fitting end to a most enjoyable concert down memory lane; DP you are the best!!!!

Albert Helms

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