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Deep Purple is absolutely the best band I've seen live. Everything was perfect, the sound, the song selections (almost), the playing, the screaming, the solos, the image, everything. Ian Gillan is so unbelivably cool that I can't describe it.

The screaming was nothing like the low frequency stuff they've been releasing on the latest live CD's. This was Gillan at his best. I think if they changed Child In Time to G# he could have sung it. I miss the cool ugly clothes he wore in the '70's though. And I miss Ian Paice's signature on the bass drum. But my God how good they were, I got so inspired by Paice that the next day I went down and bought a new drum kit worth 61 000 kroner.

The concert had speed, power, aggression. And it even had a Roy Orbison song, that sure bringed back a few memories. The sound was really heavy, and made the songs more powerful than I could imagine. I would have loved it if they played Hush instead of Ted The M., but what the heck. Purpendicular was a great album, and it would be a shame to leave it completely out.

The setlist
Ted the Mechanic
Strange Kind Of Woman
Pictures of Home
Almost Human
Woman from Tokyo
Watching the sky
Any Fule Kno That
Smoke On The Water
Fingers to the Bone
Perfect Strangers
Speed King

Seventh Heaven
Highway Star

The norwegian press hated the concert and wrote some things that made no sense, for example they wrote that Gillan was short breathed, which he IS not. They wrote that Gillan looked slow and stuff and said that Ozzy had more energy when he was in town earlier this year, but Ozzy was barely moving and Gillan was running around the stage all the time. Not one positive word. They wrote that his music is for old people and stuff, but I'm only 19 and I don't consider myself old, and all of my friends who are in the 20's and in the late teens who are the real fans and are 110% into the music, were there. Well, I guess the press don't want to realize that Deep Purple is taking over the world once again.

I want to thank Deep Purple for this concert, and all the albums they have made. They rule, and I got that confirmed when I went to their concert.

Trygve Solheim

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