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DP at Glasgow 17/10/98

Deep Purple keep getting better and better! Proven to me tonight (well acctually yesterday now!).

Firstly here's my ATTEMPT at the set list:

  1. Ted the mechanic
  2. Strange Kind of Woman
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Watching the sky
  5. Almost Human
  6. Fingers to the bone
  7. Picture's of home
  8. Any fule kno that
  9. Woman From Tokyo
  10. Smoke on the water
  11. Lazy????
  12. Perfect Strangers
  13. Speed King

  14. BLACK NIGHT (The official set list for the lighting was right next to me, They were meant to play 7th Heaven, YEAH - CROWD CONTROL!!)
  15. Highway Star

I'm not to sure on the middle but all these songs happened (Lazy may just have been part of a solo).

The sound quality was excellent, it was quiter than the Barrowland Purpendicular concert, but the quality was first class.

There were some humerous moments:
Jon Lord giving a roadie a screw driver to fix his broken spinny organ thingy (I didn't notice any difference).

A roadie tuning Steve's guitar and pretending to shoot another roadie!

Ian G's insight into why "Fingers to the bone" isn't called "Elbows to the bone"!

Steve fixing a broken Ian G and tuning him to his guitar (using an imaginary nob on his chest! Could be confusing).

Steve was on brilliant form with his magical solos, I especially like'd a bit in "Strange kind of woman" which was really soft and his smooth celtic sounding solo. He can really do amazing things with a guitar!

Jon had a good solo with a slightly classical piano feel interspersed with shots on his organ.

Sadly for me I just missed Ian Paice's drum stick (it came up into the balcony, I touched , it slipped, I cried :-( ).

It was a fairly packed possibly full concert in a big hall. This proves DP still rock I saw many younger than myself too (16) which is good to see!

All I can say is keep on Rockin'.

I would have liked to see "Hush", "Anya" or "Sometimes I feel like screaming", but hey - GREAT CONCERT!

If anyone feels the need to say hello or something email me at mathercrf@yahoo.com.

Craig Mather (I think I'll go to sleep now!)

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