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Concert Review 12 October Ahoy Rotterdam

Hey there I want to give you a review of the concert at 12 October 1998 in Ahoy Rotterdam.

Be for I begin I want to say that I am Dutch so maybe there will be some wrong sentences or other mistakes in the review, so please excuse me for that! :)

About the concert
This was my first Deep Purple concert ever though I am a fan for a long time now! And I must say this has been the best concert I have ever seen. The crowd got wild on all the songs especially "Smoke on the Water" and "Black Night". It was too bad they didn't play "Child In Time" but they made it up with one of my favorite songs "Lazy". I read the other review from someone about this concert and said the only played one song of the new album, well I guess he had to much beer. Cause they played a whole lot more: "Any Fule Kno That", "Fingers To The Bone", "Almost Human", "Watching The Sky" and "Bludsucker". It was amazing to see how much fun they had on stage and how the crowd got wild. It's nice to be 17 and know all the lyrics to all the songs and getting crazy out there. I thought I was going mad. But...It was a superb evening and nothing went wrong (I'm glad). If you don't know Deep Purple then you had to go to this concert! I guess everyone who experienced this and didn't really know what Deep Purple was (I doubt that but ok) then you would become a fan straight away!
For a complete list of what they played see the bottom of the review.

Something about the members
Ian Gillan still has the best voice, after all these years he can still reach those high impossible notes which I thought he couldn't get there anymore, I have no idea how he does that, in one word GREAT. Ian Paice is just an awesome drummer this night he had a great drum solo. Jon Lord perfect just perfect I think I can't put it another way than that! Then we have Steve Morse, I have to admit that I am a Blackmore fan but tonight he showed that he is indeed a great guitar player, great solos etc. Roger Glover - well what can we say about him, I guess the word brilliant is very suitable for him!

Here are the songs they played. I hope I didn't forget any!! It isn't the right other so don't complain about that!

Any Fule Know That
Almost Human
Watching The Sky
Smoke on the water
Black Night
Ted The Mechanic
Fingers To The Bone
Strange Kind Of Woman
Perfect Strangers

I know i probably forgot some!! :) But it was GREAT!!!!

Rik van der Kemp

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