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Rotterdam, October 12th 1998

After Düsseldorf on Friday, I saw Deep Purple again in Holland, Rotterdam on monday. Like 1987, when I saw them twice in Rotterdam, you always compare both concerts.
First the audience. Unfortunaly not a lot in Rotterdam. The upper ring of grandstand seats was covered by a big curtain (which improved the sound quality of the hall), the stage was a little moved to the centre of the hall. Thus all the places left where full, I think half the capacity of the Ahoy. A great audience, but the overall atmosphere in Düsseldorf was much better.
The sound quality. Better than Düsseldorf. Very good on both occasions: the volume. Loud but not to loud. The mix was okay, even the toms of Ian Paice sounded better. What struck me again was Ian's voice. Like three day's before he was very powerful and upfront in the mix. For the fourth concert in a row!
I was on Jon and Steve's side of the podium, about four meters from the stage. I'm not a kind of "waiting outside for a signature guy" but what do I admire these people. Steve a lot of smiles and beautiful guitar work. Little Ian and Roger a very solid rhythm section. Ian Gillan, what a charisma! And the instrument of instruments: The Hammond. Wonderfully played by Jon. The sound of that organ really gives me goosebumps. One suggestion: put up a big mirror behind Jon, on top of the leslie cabinets, so that the audience can see him work the keys.
A great night last Monday in Rotterdam. It is said before in other reviews, go and see the band. It's worth every gulden, pound, mark, frank, franc, kroon, euro, or whatever.

Peter Severijn

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