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DP in Oslo

We all went to Oslo, me and 3 friends that is. We drove from Karlstad, Sweden to Oslo in a particulary beautiful autumn day, glorious actually. First time for concert in Norway, but not the last. We all liked the venue and the sound. Purple did a good job but THAT spark was missing a little. One song added to the setlist, Fingers to the bone, thank you boys!
They also did any fule in a more funky way than when I saw them in Germany, much better groove. Jon showed us the classical connections in Purple's songs in his solo, neat.
One thing stod out clearly aand that was Gillan's voice, simply amazing. He is getting better and better...
Good reception from 5000-6000 tousand fans and as I said only THAT spark prevented this from being a 5+ gig.

Michael Lorentzen

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