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Review for Oslo 1998-04-10

I have always been a Ritchie Blackmore fan. Regardless of what that man has done or said, I've always been a fan. I have always had a very clear opinion of who should be the guitarist in Deep Puple. I have always been a big mark 2 afficionado. I was there in 1993 when Purple played Oslo last, and I was amazed how good they where. When I went down to see them again, it was vith a light sort of sceptisism. This couldn't possibly be better than "The battle rages on" tour. I'm sorry Trond, it was. It was much better than in '93. The band was happy, much less strain around them and the music. It was a relief to see the smiles on their faces, and in the music. They played with an energi that is quite rare.
Right after 9 o'clock, I think, they wandered on stage and hit "Ted...". I was impressed about the overall sound, though Jon's organ was a bit low in the mix I think. It pleases me that a song from Purpendicular has survived more than one tour.
Steve Morse was incredible. He has really put some punch in the band, and was all over the place. His solo-spot was very good with soft and heavy passages. The other thing that was great about the gig was that everything sounded so fresh, so up to date. Even if they have restored the old arrangements of the classics, the songs sounds fresh. Very much up to the way Abandon sounds I think. I specially like the way they play Lazy, closer to the original and not the heavy-metal-bullshit version they played last time around. The gig also had it's quiet moments that was wonderful.
At last I would like to say that Deep Purple in '98 sounds like a contemporary band, a valid band that has somethings to say, and not just an "oldies but goodies" act. Keep it up guys, can't wait for the next album!

Best regards,
Finn Hjalmar Pedersen

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