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Helsinki concert

After 18 years' Purple Past and more than 20 Purple-colored concerts I should be able to do an impartial, objective and maybe even critical DP-concert review. So I'm gonna do just that. Here it goes: I think I have just seen the best DP-concert of my life. No surprises, no setlist changes except order of some songs but one hell of a gig! Unfortunately Icehall wasn't sold out (maybe 5000 people) but atmosphere was great and the band obviously enjoyed to play.

People have been praising Ian's voice throughout the whole Abandon tour and I can clearly understand why - it was better than ever, at least after 1973 or something! Add Child In Time to the setlist, it's a piece of cake for Ian! Whole band (Steve, JON!!) were on the top form but Gillan was the man. Sound was a little bit weak, like always in 'shorthanded' Icehall but not too bad.

If I have to critisize something, it's their setlist - Fingers To The Bone was missing, I think it would work fine on the place of Any Fule Kno That, especially if they would play Smoke after it and change the place of Steve's solo a bit. Nice change of emotion, that's what I mean! Again, 7th Heaven is not the best possible encore, I was missing Fireball or Black Night. Almost Human was the best working new song. And one more thing - gig was too short, they should play at least 2 and half hours. Too much Deep Purple is not enough!

So, it's over now but Solnahallen, here I come!

Marko Paananen

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