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Tour review: Trier, 1998

When I saw Deep Purple some weeks ago in Hanau, I was so filled with enthusiasm that I was forced to hear this fantastic and unique band a second time during their actual tour. Fortunately, they came to Trier (not too far away from home), so I could spend another evening and listen to those hymns written in the last quarter of the century.

Deep Purple - each of these five men - are perfect indivdual musicians with esprit and permanently fulfilled with new ideas. This is the best rock'n'roll band that ever existed, playing intelligent lively songs, no difference between the forever young "old" and new songs. And the actual tour demonstrated: never they were better as they are in these days. Thanks to IG, RG, JL, SM, and IP (order alphabetically, nothing more). Hope we have not to wait too long until the next tour starts!

Please, copy Hanau and Trier to CD - right as it is. Suppose all the other concert were of the same high quality level, but for those two evenings I know it with guarantee.

Barbara & Stefan Emig-Roller

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