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 This is the second show (or choc)  I've seen of the A.Band.on Tour 98. (It's better write a.band.on that abandon - I can't believe  they would abandon the music scene).

After six hours of highway(not star), we meet Chalon. Here tonight They will play!!

And then, 9.30 pm, They start!! Another show for the Happy Band.

Set list: TED: This time the show start with this masterpiece of the new age.   Big riff from Steve. All the band keep place on the stage smiling.  IP back left - JL back right - RG front left - SM front right - IG.... middle front. Pumping music.... ( At Turin - first half of Tour - They started with Hush). 

  STRANGE: "Classic in digital"...

  BLOODSUCKER: Best live then CD.

  PICTURE OF HOME: Steve like very much this song - all the fans can see and ear. Bass solo for Roger, very classic.

  ALMOST HUMAN: The Best Of The Show!!!!! Ian Gillan tell that this song is "about Ritchie" (that is  almost human??). Very very very very very best intro  american rock riff from Steve. A power song that can became the new masterpiece of the band. Delirium fans. Roger and Steve duet chorus. 

  WOMAN FROM TOKYO: "I'm sure the city was Tokyo, I'm not sure that was a woman..." (Ian Gillan).

  WATCHING THE SKY: Best live than CD.

FINGERS TO THE BONE: Ace and ace with Almost Human! Another new classic. The band it's playing every minut better and more happy. 

ANY FULE KNO THAT: Good hard solid rock.

(Solo Steve)

SMOKE ON THE WATER: Steve play this in a new way, and I like it. Maybe this is the only song DP play in all the show from 1972!!  

(Solo Mr. Lord)

LAZY: Steve play very well this song.

PERFECT STRANGERS: "A song from the middleage" said Mr.Gillan. And after: "Perfetc Street Rangers" like in Knebworth 85. The only song from three reunion album with Ritchie!!

SPEED KING: "A ballade" said Mr.Gillan. Extremly powerful!! In the middle there was solo for JL, SM, RG and IP, than a song from Javelins album and a duet within Gillan and Morse. 

Thank You . Merçi. Good night.

Two minutes and...
SEVENTH HEAVEN: Probably the band like it more than the fans.

BLACK NIGHT: Powerful night everytime. all the fans singing.

HIGHWAY STAR: Once They start show with this - now They leave show with this.

Maybe the very crazy fans like me (500 km. to see DP) in the future will see a show with a lot of "new live song" : Place in  line - Rat bat blue - Fools - Demon's eye - Mary long -  Knocking at your back door - Mitzi Dupree - Sometimes .... - The aviator - and other they will play! We hope!

I think Steve Morse put the "fantastic four" in the new rock sound, playing every riff new or old, in an american and modern style. The other four have the abilities to play in a new way without loose his "signature" , pushing DEEP PURPLE in  the 21th century!!! 

I can see Roger and Steve singing all the songs, and if this is normal for Roger, this i "superb" for Steve. It's why He love to play this songs and don't do that only why it's a must!!. 

This was a sensational show. All the Things goes very well and the players was exceptionals. For me the best show I've seen in a total of five.

Long life Deep Purple! And long life to my DP passion!

Carlo Alberto Migliazza,
Vigevano PV, Italy

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