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Tour review: Madrid, September 15, 1998

The DP show in Madrid was AMAZING!

It's incredible! All DP members are enjoying every song, and this make the show special, for the band and all fans. We can feel this 'kind of magic'. IG smiling, RG smiling, IP smiling, JL smiling, SM smiling...and the people jumping, singing, screaming. By the way, I missed "Sometimes I feel like screaming" :(

All the band was very good, but, in my honest opinion, Steve Morse was...what can I say? Wonderful, maestro, virtuoso... I can't explain with words, when he plays I can fly (without a plane, Steve! ;-D). Seriously, the two hours of music was like a minute! Good job, guys!

In the other side, the sound's quality was not perfect. Steve, IG and IP was clear and OK, but Roger and Jon hadn't (except in the solo parts) sufficient volume (at least near Steve's zone).

The show had magical moments, funny the intro of Led Zep's Moby Dick after Ian Paice's drum solo, and when Steve & Ian Gillan was kidding: "Can you play this?: iaisoaoohhhoaoalayallayaousdiisiiiiiyeahhh". Amazing with the Jon Lord & Steve "competition", it sounded like the Dregs song "Cruise Control"... I can't refer every one of this moments, the show was PHENOMENAL and will be unforgettable for all the fans.

I am a DP fan since 1980 (i'm 31 years old) and I think the band is now in one of his highest moments of his career, like 25 years ago, in the 'Made in Japan' times. LONG LIVE TO THIS "NEW" DP!

I can't travel to the other cities to see the next shows in Spain. :-( But this show will be FOREVER in my mind. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!

Jesus J. Fernandez

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