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Chalon France 6-11-98

The second time I've seen the A.Band.on Tour (the first than Rome - Italy - June 98).
Me and my friend Carlo Alberto, after about six hours arrived in Chalon. The first thing we made is to find PARC EXPOS, where, at 16.00 p.m. we met 3 very nice local boys with a great flag "Happy 30th Anniversary". Great feeling with the 3 boys.
At 9.30 the greatest band of the history start the show.
The beginning: Ted: Great Steve.
Strange - Bloodsucker - Picture of home (great Roger) - Almost Human (my MAGIC Ian Gillan) - Woman from Tokyo - Watching the sky - Fingers to the bone (IAN the voice Gillan: superb!) - Any fule kno that - Smoke (great Steve) - Solo Jon (great Jon Lord!!) - Lazy - Perfect Strangers (GILLAN FOREVER) - Speed King (in the middle Rock and Roll: duet IAN GILLAN and Steve - now I can forget Ritchie - solo JL-SM-RG - JP: all great).
Thank you. BIS: 7th Heaven - Black Night - Highway.
We made 500+500 Km but we've seen the most important band of rock:
Thank you DP.
Thank you IG - RG - JL - IP - SM. I love all you. IAN GILLAN is forever my GOD.

Gianfranco Barinotti,
Vigevano - Italy

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