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Deep Purple concert in Essen 7.10.1998

I saw my fourth Deep Purple concert in Essen, but I missed the good feeling and tension I've seen five years ago with the Mark II formation - obviously featuring "The Man on guitar" Ritchie Blackmore. Nothing about the qualities of SM - but I missed Ritchie. Shure, it seemed the members have more fun one with another(excessive smiling and laughing all the time on stage), but for me I don't need to look in smiling faces whole the time - I'm more interested in their well known inimitables improvisations of their great songs - but this is only possible with one man - Ritchie Blackmore! Possibly they had done too many gigs worldwide, so they seemed a little bit stressed, nevertheless they made a good job, each for himself, but I agree to several parts of the review of Birgit - a strange DP concert with a tired crowd, but maybe as a result of a tired band, not be able to let spreading the spark over the edge of the stage. What a pity!
Nevertheless the battle rages on, perhaps with a return of Ritchie Blackmore - I hope so.

Dr. Bodo Guyet

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