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Great to see a 'purple Armadillo' although the chat in the loo was that the venue was too civilised! Certainly, the Barras gig rekindled the faith after a Blackmore inspired disaster at the Edinburgh Playhouse a few years ago. However, I could handle the distance from the stage and lower volume at the Armadillo because it was great to see the band playing so well and enjoying themselves. Everyone was on fire and Seventh Heaven and Lazy were highlights. I was surprised that they didn't play 'Don't make me Happy' and only one song off Purpendicular. I just missed the drum stick too!
Bearing in mind the reception they always get in Glasgow they should record a 'Made in Glasgow' to finalise their rehabilitation in the UK! Also, there better be a lot more studio albums. Although the playing on Abandon is brilliant I would recommend that they spend some extra time on the next album to create a classic collection of songs to rank alongside the oldies. There is no reason why they cannot recreate the popularity they enjoyed in the '70s the way they are now playing. There is no other band on the planet that can cook up such organised anarchy.

Andy Jones

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